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Broadband Services in Bardhaman

In this era of Internet and social networking, broadband services have become necessary tools of communication and living. Broadband connections refer to high-speed digital data transmission in which a single cable can carry a large amount of data at once through cable modems, which use the same connection as cable televisions or via DSL modems, which use the existing phone lines.

Broadband Services

Nowadays, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), also known as the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is most commonly used which provides Internet access by transmitting digital data over the wires of a local telephone network. DSL service is delivered simultaneously with wired telephone service on the same telephone line. With the use of Internet in every household through wireless connections or via modems, Internet service providers are much in demand in the city of Bardhaman.

List of Broadband Service Providers in Bardhaman

The following list gives details of the various broadband service providers in Bardhaman who provide Internet services in households and office complexes:

Reliance World
Address: 74, Kalitala
B.C. Road, Burdwan HO
Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: (91)-342-30337777, 30336363, 30333333, (91)-342-30388005

Airtel Gallery
Address: 72, Nillpur More
Post Sripally, G.T. Road East
Burdwan HO, Bardhaman - 713101

De Co Broadband Service
Address: G.T. Road, Saritica Road
Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: (91)-9933302288

Maa Sharada Telecom
Address: Purbasthali, Patuli
Bardhaman - 713512
Phone: (91)-9153136706

Galaxy Broadband
Address: Dutta Market
North Bazaar, Andal
Bardhaman - 713321
Phone: (91)-9641261104, 8798392210

P.R. Enterprise
Address: Big Bazar Complex, Burdwan Arcade
Jailkhana More, Burdwan HO
Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: (91)-9153667715

Gayatri Solution
Address: G.T. Road, Neamatpur
Bardhaman - 713359
Phone: (91)-9153120678

Silicon Information & Networking
Address: 56, Pilkhana Lane
Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: (91)-9851426192

If you are currently residing in the city of Bardhaman, you can contact any of the above broadband service providers in order to install Internet connections in your homes and offices.

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Comments / Discussion Board - Broadband Services in Bardhaman

  • P
    Param from Bardhaman 1794 Days ago

    Need a broadband service rural area of burdwan. Hargram, Bhatar. Is BSNL Connection Stable here??

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    b Expertfrom 1701 Days ago

    Hi! Kindly go through our list of Internet service providers and contact your nearby internet service provider to know the details.

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  • R
    Rakesh from burdwan 1956 Days ago

    need a broadband connection in Chittaranjan hostel

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    b Expertfrom 1947 Days ago

    Hi, Please contact the broadband plan operators from the above list.

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  • K
    Kajal Midda from Burdwan 1968 Days ago

    need a broadband connection

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    b Expertfrom 1963 Days ago

    Hi Kajal, Please contact the Broadband companies in the above list.

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