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Culture in Bardhaman

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Bardhaman has a rich multicultural heritage that is a result of countless attacks and invasions by various foreign rulers. With an amalgamation of multifarious diversifications, Bardhaman has an immensely vivid and intense culture that makes it one of the hallmark cities of West Bengal. Popularly known as ‘Rice Bowl’ of the state of West Bengal, Bardhaman can be termed as vibrant mixture of Bengali art and culture. The city has always been an important part of the state with varied heterogeneous beliefs and customs residing simultaneously and with complete harmony.

Bardhaman was an important centre for the Mughal as well as the British rulers and had been ruled by the Maharajas of Burdwan for a fairly long period of time. This can be significantly witnessed in the present days by the diverse culture that is adopted as well as practiced by the people living in Bardhaman.

People of Bardhaman

PeopleBardhaman has a healthy mix of Hindu and Muslim population which comprises of people of all ages as well as belonging to all social classes. Although the difference in the social classes of the people living in Bardhaman is quite stark in some cases, nevertheless, there is an inherent harmony and peace in the way people reside together in the same city. The inhabitants of Bardhaman are quite tolerant of the beliefs of other people and one can see numerous festivals and customs originating from different religious belief systems being practiced in the city.

Languages Spoken in Bardhaman

Bangla is the predominant language being spoken in the city of Bardhaman as well as in the whole state of West Bengal. Due to the migrating population in the city of Bardhaman as well as by way of many inter caste marriages that have taken place through all these years, one can also hear a mixture of the various different dialects of the Bengali language being spoken by the people living in the city.


Apart from Bangla, the residents of Bardhaman also use English as well as Hindi as their preferred modes of communication. All official works are conducted in either Bengali or English which are spoken in all government offices as well as the various trade establishments.

Bengali literature is one of the most rich, renowned and popular literatures of the world. Bengal has produced some of the most prolific writers of all times adding popular as well as beautiful works and stories in the already rich mine of Bengali literature. Hence, Bangla literature was and continues to be one of the favourites of literature lovers all over the world with Bangla works being translated in a multitude of languages.

Music and Dance in Bardhaman

As in the rest of West Bengal, Bardhaman too places immense importance on music and dance. People living in Bardhaman are quite appreciative of good music and dance activities and children are encouraged to get educated as well as be proficient in either music or dance or in both from a very early age. There are several dance and music schools around the city of Bardhaman which teach all forms of dance and music to people of all ages.


The varieties of music include classical as well as western music along with the ever popular ‘Rabindra Sangeet’ as well as learning to play the various musical instruments like harmonium, table, guitar, keyboards, and sitar and so on. The dance schools in Bardhaman also specialise in Indian,  folk and Western dance forms. People can also find numerous music and dance workshops and recitals being conducted in the city of Bardhaman providing a variety in the options of entertainment.

Drawing and Painting in Bardhaman


Art has always been an intrinsic part of the people of Bengal. Hence, drawing and painting is an important part of the lives of the people living in Bardhaman. There are a number of art schools in Bardhaman which teach the nuances of painting, drawing and art and craft to the people of all ages. These drawing and painting classes serve as excellent hobby classes as well as the means to learn something new and exquisite. The following list enumerates the various drawing, painting and art and craft classes in Bardhaman along with their addresses as well as contact numbers:

Address: Singhdarwaja
J.B. Mitra Road, Rajbati
Bardhaman - 713104
Phone: + (91)-9233087393

Chitra Mandir
Address: B.D.N Nursing Home
Ramakrishna Building
Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: + (91)-342-2625681

Address: Pratapeswar Shib Tala
Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: + (91)-9732135098

Creative Art School
Address: Art World
B.C. Road, Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: + (91)-7797672190, 9932208368, + (91)-342-2568726

Painting House
Address: Hatudewan Pirtala
Katwa Road, Bajepratapur
Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: + (91)-9734250420

Ram Narayan Chatterjee
Address: Near R.S. Road
Ariya More, Pandaveshwar
Bardhaman - 713346
Phone: + (91)-9332929071

Sahjiya School of Art & Craft

Address: Sports Club, Panjabipatti
Kajora Bazaar, Kajoragram
Bardhaman - 713338
Phone: + (91)-9832110148, 9832228653

Drama and Theatre in Bardhaman

Drama in Bardhaman

Theatre and drama is a rich source of entertainment for the people living in Bardhaman. There are quite a number of theatre groups in Bardhaman who perform various plays and dance dramas for the entertainment of the people. For those who want to learn the craft of acting and the other nuances of drama and theatre, Bardhaman also offers classes where people can enrol and learn more about the stage and stagecraft. The drama and theatre classes in Bardhaman are as follows:
Joyguru Natya Niketan
Address: Nerodighi
B.K. Road, Bardhaman - 713101
Phone: + (91)-9474116394

Burdwan Puppet Theatre and Cultural Centre
Address: Burdwan Puppet Theatre & Cultural Centre
C/O - Swapan Roy, Aparnaghat
Mayur Mahal, P.O. Nutanganj
Nutanganj, Bardhaman - 713102
Phone: + (91)-9832129460, + (91)-342-2533428

Cuisine in Bardhaman

Since Bardhaman is also known as the ‘Rice Bowl’ of the state of West Bengal, rice is a major staple in the cuisine of the city. Authentic Bengali foods like fish in its various forms such as ‘bhaapa ilish’ (steamed hilsa fish in mustard gravy), ‘chingdi maacher malai curry’ (prawns cooked in a cream sauce) and ‘paaturi’ (fish cooked in banana leaves) form an integral part of the Bengali cuisine in Bardhaman. These are supplemented by the veritable recipes of cooked vegetables and fruits that are very specific to Bengal. And not to forget the variety of desserts available such as sitabhog, mihidaana, mishti doi, roshogolla, shondesh, etc, without which any proper Bengali meal can never be completed.

Bengali Cisine
Source: //www.slideshare.net/theotherhome/bengali-cuisine

There are several restaurants in Bardhaman which cater to a variety of taste buds by offering delectable Bengali as well as North-Indian dishes such as naans, kababs, biryanis, fish cutlets, rolls and mughlai parathas. These fast food joints and restaurants in Bardhaman fit all budgetary constraints and aim to serve the best of Italian, Chinese, South-Indian and Continental delicacies.

Festivals in Bardhaman

Durga PujaBeing a multicultural city in West Bengal, each and every festival in Bardhaman is celebrated with much joy and delight. Durga Puja is the major highlight of the year with every nook and cranny of the city being totally immersed in the spirit of the festival and celebrating it with great pomp and show.

 Apart from this, other festivals which are also celebrated in Bardhaman with much enthusiasm and happiness are Kali Puja, Maha Shivaratri, Poila Boisakh, Basant Panchami, Jagaddhatri Puja, Holi or Dol Purnima as it is known in Bengal, Christmas, New Year, Eid, Rath Yatra and Bhai Pontha/Bhai Dooj among several others.

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