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Parks and Gardens in Bardhaman

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Bardhaman is as much known for its scenic beauty and rustic ambience as for the history behind this place. The town with its pleasing scenic landscapes makes for a great recreational spot that gives the tourists a breath of fresh air from their utterly hectic lives in the maddeningly crowded urban cities. Bardhaman has many parks and gardens which offer beautiful views of the vibrant and colourful nature that surrounds the city and which are quite attractive tourist destinations. The parks and gardens in Bardhaman are as follows:

Agradoot Sangha Park in Bardhaman

This is a children’s park which is located in an area called Shankari Pukur on the Sadarghat Road in Bardhaman and is quite a beautiful park with play equipment like swings and slides for children.

Chutto Sona Park in Bardhaman

The Chotto Sona Park in Deshbandhu Nagar in Bardhaman lives up to its name (Chotto Sona means tiny tots in Bangla) and is quite a favourite spot for children to play and have fun during the long hours of the evenings.

Eco Park in Bardhaman


The Eco Park located in Krishnasayar in Bardhaman is one of the most popular tourist spots which attracts visitors all the year round for the views of its sheer scenic landscapes that surround the park. A huge lake is situated in the centre of the park which is surrounded by trees from all the sides, hence making it a pleasant spot for soaking in the natural beauty all around the park with the cool breeze from the lake blowing through the area.

Krishnasayar ParkThe Eco Park is a preferred choice as well as an ideal destination for the residents of Bardhaman who come here for their morning and evening walks along with the children who can enjoy the various rides in the park as well. The entry to the park requires an entry ticket of a very nominal fee which can be purchased at the gates of the park. Those people who visit the park regularly can also get registered passes made so as to avoid the hassle of buying tickets every day. For further information,visitors as well as the local residents can contact the office of the Eco Park in Krishnasayar through the contact number which is as follows:  011 2530303

Haashi Khushi Park in Bardhaman

This park is situated in the Laltu Smriti Sangha on the Baronilpur More in Bardhaman and has quite lived up to its name for being a place which spreads joy and happiness to those who visit the park in its natural and fresh surroundings.

Kalptaru Park in Bardhaman

Situated in Alamganj in Bardhaman, the Kalptaru Park is a popular park in Bardhaman that also doubles up as a huge playground and offers all kinds of outdoor entertainment. Adults as well as children can enjoy and play all kinds of outdoor sports including football and cricket. The River Damodar is located very near to the Kalptaru Park and is visible from the park and is also responsible for the cool breezes flowing throughout the area.

Kalptaru Park

The Kalptaru Park offers many facilities to the visitors. The largest swimming pool in Burdwan is located in this place and adults and youngsters alike can come here to practice as well as learn swimming. Other attractive features of the park include the gym which draws in fitness enthusiasts of all ages and the court for children which has all kinds of fun and joyous rides. The park also offers cricket coaching for youngsters. Details about the various facilities offered by the park can be attained by contacting the main office of the park whose phone number is 011 2565702.

Lashkardighi Park in Bardhaman

The Laskardighi Park in Bardhaman is located behind the Head Post Office and is also one the attractive tourist destinations.

Mandella ParkMandella Park in Bardhaman

The Mandella Park is situated in the area surrounding the Curzon Gate in Bardhaman and is a good tourist spot for visitors to take a break from their sightseeing and partake refreshments that are easily available in the area.

Parbati Garden in Bardhaman

The Parbati Garden is located in the Murad Mahal Lane on the Grand Trunk Road in Bardhaman.

Shyamsayar Park in Bardhaman

The Shyamsayar Park, situated in Shyamsayar in Bardhaman is also a favourite among children because of the various rides in the place as well the large gardens that offer spaces for all kinds of outdoor games.



Spandan is located on the Grand Trunk Road in Barddhaman and is considered to be an ideal picnic spot.

Shreepalli Park in Bardhaman

The Shreepalli Park in the Officers Colony in Shreepalli in Bardhaman is a children’s park that offers quite a peaceful place for adults to refresh and rejuvenate during the evenings.

Science Park in Bardhaman

Science Park

The Science Park is located inside the Science Centre in Ramanar Mat in Bardhaman which has quite a number of interesting displays related to the workings and logic in science. The park has a good amount of open spaces that attracts many visitors. The tourists who come to the museum are compelled to visit the park as well to sit there and take a breath of fresh air.

Town School in Bardhaman

The Town School in Bardhaman is set up in the Court Compound on the J.N. Road. The park of the Town School is open to the outsiders during the evenings and is a great place for outdoor games as well as for long walks.

Town Hall Maidan in Bardhaman

The Town Hall Maidan is located on the Grand Trunk Road in Bardhaman and is also an ideal space for morning and evening walks and for outdoor sports.

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